Once upon a time, in the Canton of Bern in Switzerland in 1941, where the French-speaking municipality of Bernese Jura is located, a watchmaking genius focused on making luxury timepieces was born: Orvin.

However, in three decades of existence, not a single Orvin watch was sold in Europe:

Orvin watches were sold exclusively in the United States by Sears and Roebuck, who held the exclusive trademark for Orvin.

During this time, there were essentially two movements produced by Orvin, the less sophisticated but equally reliable inexpensive mechanism by Ebauche, and the more highly regarded movement from Cortebert with an import code of XOS.

Who we are | Orvin Watches

Who we are | Orvin Watches

But quickly, these two movements created a deep internal conflict with the brand's essence:

Orvin's luxury watches with the high-quality movement were getting a lot of traction, and Orvin watches were starting to build a solid reputation among watch enthusiasts and fanatics. In contrast, the cheaper Ebauche movement watches started diluting Orvin's DNA built around engineering excellence and mechanical precision, although they were selling well among enthusiasts with small pockets.

It was made clear that authenticity and high quality pay more than mere looks and mass appeal.

Orvin decided to drop the cheaper movement and direct all efforts towards producing the highest possible quality watches, as customary for 20th-century Swiss watchmakers.

This proved to be the right decision:

For the second half of the 20th century, Orvin started producing reliable tool watches, and has distinguished itself as a watchmaker and supplier for 17 Jewels Swiss-Made manual wound anti-magnetic shock-resistant military-style gent's wristwatches.

However, in the 1970s, as the market grew more competitive and Japanese watchmakers joined the scene, Orvin started to lose market shares rapidly, sales dropped drastically, and eventually, production stopped completely. Fast forward a few decades, Orvin makes it back to the watchmaking arena with the same formula that drove its success in the 20th century: authentically high-quality vintage-style watches because, yes, they kept the same style that made the watch enthusiasts community all in love with their timepieces in the first place.

Do they look outdated? We do not think so. Do vintage-style fanatics love the theme? Absolutely.

Who we are | Orvin Watches