Reasons Swiss Diver’s Watches are a Must-Have

For the past years, diving watches have been patronized by many watch enthusiasts around the world. Omega Seamaster Diver, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, and Rolex Submariner are the brands that played a pivotal role in the popularity of this watch genre. Some of the signature features of diver’s watches are superior waterproof capability, unidirectional bezel, and brawny shapes, making them popular among sports-oriented timepiece collectors and enthusiasts.

If you love sports and watches, the following are four reasons why a diver’s watch is an ideal collectible time wear.

You Need a Watch that is Actually Waterproof

Water resistance is one of the main concerns of many watch lovers. Although most watches these days are labeled as "waterproof," they are not built to resist everyday elements, such as tap water, rain, humidity, and even snow. This is because the 20-meter or 50-meter indication pertains to laboratory conditions. It does not mean that the watch can resist water pressure without damage. 

However, if you wear a diver's watch, you will never have to worry about this issue, notwithstanding the elements you’re exposed to. It is worth noting that a timepiece can only be considered a diving watch if it’s at least 100-meter water-resistant. Meanwhile, more state-of-the-art brands and models are water-resistant up to 200 meters.

You’re Fond of Things that Age Beautifully

Diver's watches are known to age gracefully. An oxidized and old Submariner dial can be purchased at a higher cost than its clean and new counterpart. However, the color must be even, and there shouldn’t be any trace of moisture on the dial. As time goes by, the tritium and radium lume of diver's watches turn into a darker color, making them more fascinating and vintage-looking. Although the latest models feature lume spots and dials made from different materials, they are still more likely to age beautifully.

You Want Accurate Time Anytime and Anywhere

A diver’s watch is designed to give you accurate time reading no matter where you are. Thanks to its superior dial readability, which is great both underwater and on the surface. Streamlined shapes and a clean hour marker layout enable quick, precise, and reliable reading. Not to mention, this timepiece gives you an incomparable time accuracy even under dim-lit situations to prevent the risk of confusion. This feature is extremely beneficial when you are exploring the dark depths of the ocean.

You Desire the Fusion of Versatility, Sportiness, and Durability

The diver’s watch trend has always been at an all-time high. This timepiece is known for its sporty and versatile features, making it a hit among collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. They are aesthetically elegant and cool at the same time. Those featuring readable black dials particularly go well with any style statement. So, you can wear them with a versatile wardrobe. 

Furthermore, diver’s watches are durable and robust and feature a sapphire glass lens which is ideal for keeping your timepieces scratch-free and clear.

Step Up Your Diving Game with Orvin

Swiss diver’s watches have a timeless charm. And if you are looking to add a new one to your wardrobe, we offer you exceptional timepieces with top-notch functionality and design. Field Diver, our first collection, offers vintage diver watches featuring 200-meter water resistance, a rotating bezel, an original dome glass, and highly luminous hands and markers that are readable underwater and in low-light conditions.

As a genuine Swiss brand, we at Orvin, offer timepieces featuring iconic aesthetics and superior functionality that take your diving experience to the next level.